Monday, April 14, 2008



As much as it's been annoying to hear these political candidates talk and talk and talk some more every day, you can't help but feel for them a little bit.
I know, they have put themselves into the public spotlight so some may believe they deserve critisism. Still, every word is disected three or four different ways.
A comment can't be made in passing without somebody else taking it to task.
I used to joke while working the night desk that reporters had to call U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak with a question, then wait an hour for an answer.
I now realize, having seen the made up flack over Barack Obama's comments over the weekend, that they really can't win.
Whether you agree or not with his view of disenfranchised America, we make always make the point he has the right to say it. No matter if you are a presidential candidate or not, there is nobody who can stay right down the middle on every issue.
That's just fake. We all have our opinions on things.
For instance, if a candidate comes out and says all guns should be banned in this country, he or she would be speaking the truth. The other side, though, would shoot their guns in the air and claim it's their right to carry the firearms.
Meanwhile, if the candidate says everbody should carry a gun (which would probably cut down the number of voting Americans) those on the other side would be up in, well, arms.
Now that we live in a world where everything is news five minutes after it happens, we get too caught up in the now. Regardless of the rhetoric, we need a presidential candidate who will help us get healthy.
We don't need one who will just say whatever makes everybody happy.

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