Thursday, April 17, 2008



The big story of the week continues, no not Ed Wade's return to Philadelphia as G.M. of the Astros, the Pope is still in Washington D.C.
The pomp and circumstance on the White House lawn yesterday was a bit over the top, to say the least. Wait a minute, we have an economic system in the toilet, too many people fighting an unwinnable war in the Middle East and the Daily Times was shut out of a Tyeke Evans news conference.
Isn't there more pressing issues for our President to address?
By the way, think Bush ran up to the Pope and said: "I'd like to welcome you, Dalai Lama, to the United States."
Really, though, has there been a president in recent memory easier to make fun of.
Bush does stuff every day that is a comedy writer's dream. Whether it be that smarmy little smirk at every news conference or the misspoken words, our President is ripe for the picking.
Maybe it's too easy, but even the Democratic candidates got into the act during Wednesday night's debate.
When asked if they would use George W. Bush, as an ex-president, to help in their administration, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did their best to avoid the question. Only Hillary gave a semi-answer, but that was after a chuckle. She eventually said it would take a long evaluation.
Yeah, like maybe 50 years or so.
But, I digress, back to the Pope.
Wouldn't it be cool if the Pope had a little fun. Maybe if during the Mass in Washington today he leaped into the stands after giving the homily. Of how about this:
After giving a sermon he could pause and say: "Now, ladies, gentleman and fellow priests, I give you ... a special AMERICAN IDOL!!!"

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Take another shot at the Pope and the Pope will whip your ass.