Monday, April 28, 2008



Well, it's definitely un-Spring like out there today. Maybe we were spoiled last week by the great weather. All of a sudden, it's cold and rainy and there appears to be no end in sight. Well, at least no end until Thursday.

So, the biggest non-event event of our time took place this weekend. No, I don't mean Barack Obama's appearence on FOX News. Despite the hype, it was the same rhetoric we've been hearing for months now.
The biggest non-event of our time is the NFL Draft. ESPN dedicated two days to sitting around watching highlights of college football players as they are chosen by NFL teams. Probably less than half of these players will actually have any kind of career in the NFL, but, thanks to ESPN and the multitude of Web sites, the draft is almost as big as the season.
Fans of this team or that team debate players picked and how their team shapes up after the weekend.
It's almost as bad, but not quite, as the College signing day. Fans that day get on message boards and lament how this high school football player chose the wrong team. Coaches careers are made just by how they can recruit, look at Pitt's Dave Wanstadt for exhibit A. His head coaching career has been one bad loss after another, but, boy, can he recruit.
Now we know the Eagles have no chance to compete for a Super Bowl because they traded out of the first round. Or, it's the best move Andy Reid ever made.
Really, though, it's just a bunch of nothing that fills up a couple of days of television.
Maybe run a marathon of Rock of Love 2 instead. It'll probably be more entertaining.
Speaking of non-events:

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