Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Now that the political candidates have left Pennsylvania to focus on other areas of the country, think they'll be back?
They'll probably make their way through during the next campaign, but, I wonder if they will actually return for vacation or whatever.
Then again, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama each have enough money to head to some island in the Pacific to decompress when this is all over.
Meanwhile, we'll be paying $4 for gas just to get to work and start the week all over again.
Just curious, though, how did Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul get any votes in the GOP side of the primary? Is it some kind of Republican statement against John McCain, who had the nomination wrapped up weeks ago?
Why not just write in Ronald Reagan or George Washington? They have as much a chance as any of the other candidates at this point.
Here's an idea, vote for the Charmin Bears in the general election in November.
Meanwhile, the rest of the world went on as usual during the big Primary day.
American Idol and Dancing with the Stars dominated the television world.
The Flyers beat the Capitals (avoiding the choke) and the Phillies came back to beat the Rockies.
By the by, does beating Colorado this week somehow make up for that pitiful playoff perfomance by Pat Burrell and Co. last fall? Uh, probably not.
For those who couldn't score a ticket, the Third Grade Night of Music, in front of a standing-room-only crowd at Garrettford School, went off without a hitch. The violins were especially good.
Here is some unedited video:

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