Friday, April 18, 2008



OK, so the Pope held his big Mass at Nationals Park Wednesday, then he toured around a few places, met a few people and grabbed some take-out for the evening.
Although he checks in here daily, the Pope has not sent along the schedule for the rest of the week. We know he's having a Mass at Yankee Stadium Sunday, so, at some point, he has to cross through Delaware County.
Most likely, the Pope will grab his Sunday best and fly from Washington to New York in the Pope Plane.
So, imagine this:
As they get through Delaware, the pilot starts to point out some of the sights.
"OK, your Holiness, if you look to the right you will see the river and a town called Marcus Hook.
"No, that's just trash floating along the riverbed.
"Hmm, now what's that on the left? A message has been painted on the top of a roof in a place called Ridley. We'll get a little closer ....
"STOP, STOP, DON'T LOOK YOUR HOLINESS. That message is for somebody named FAA, avert your eyes. AVERT YOUR EYES. We're going to 60,000."
Thus ends the Pope's visit to Delaware County.
At least it will be a safer bet than driving the Pope bus up I-95. "No, your Holiness, he's saying 'You're No. 1.'"

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