Wednesday, April 16, 2008



I wanted to thank the Pope for checking in yesterday. I did forget he was German and, although he probably knows Italian, today's message is in his native tongue.
Wie Sie fertig werden, mit dem Präsidenten hinzusitzen, essen Sie nicht das Huhn!

Maybe it's just me, but watching the city get ready for tonight's Democratic debate is almost funny. I say almost, because it's going to bring a host of headaches today.
Traffic will be changed. TV trucks will dominate the streets and there will be a lot of strange people milling around.
Then, you have to get out of Delaware County.
So, the big debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will talk tonight at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. It's being billed as the 'last, big debate' of the primary season.
Does anybody really think they are going to say anything worthwhile. By now, we've heard it all. We've listened to the rhetoric. We know where they stand on every issue and we've made up our minds on how to vote.
While it might make for some interesting moments, this latest election biz will probably be nothing more than hot air.
I'm betting most of America will be watching 'American Idol' instead.
Here was the last great debate:

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