Tuesday, April 29, 2008



OK, so the government stimulus check is going to be in our bank accounts over the next few weeks. While extra money is always welcome (in fact, if anybody wants to send me some now, I'd be thankful), this round of 'stimulus' I don't think will offer much help to the economy.
Why? Well, it's simple, when people can barely make ends meet right now, no amount of extra cash will lead to extra purchases.
When you struggle to fill the gas tank on the way to work, that big-screen television isn't going to make much of a difference. The government, once again the money is great, would be better served making things more affordable for the everyday working person.
When a Saturn takes $36 to fill the tank, that's just too much. I can only imagine what kind of gas those big SUVs and pickup trucks go through.
When you add together gas for the car, home heating, and the regular bills, that stimulus check is going to disappear than a plate of chocolate chip cookies.
It's a help, but we need more. Now, I'm not looking for the government to come in and rescue us all by throwing more money out there.
Maybe we need to look at all our expenses and try to trim things down. The bad part of that, though, is when we spend less, companies lay off workers. That puts us all in a bad sort.
We should be going after big companies and banks and hold them accountable. When Exxon/Mobil is pulling in record profits and our cars are getting by on fumes, somethings wrong.

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Leannan said...

I stopped for gas last night in my mid sized sedan $47.15 for 13 gallons. The patron before me had purchased 28 gallons at $104.00.

I can't imagine paying $104 for gas; but I guess I had better start.