Wednesday, April 30, 2008



OK, a couple of weeks ago (actually it was just over a week, but I can hope) we were inundated with the voices of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They were here, they were there, they were on TV, they were on the radio, they were in the newspaper. Then, the PA Primary happened and we haven't heard as much of the rhetoric.
Sure, it's still there, but the candidates are all in North Carolina, so we aren't beat over the head with their talk.
No, now, since there appears to be nothing else going on, we are hit again and again about just how bad the economy is out there. We hear about gas prices (like talking and yelling will lower the price anytime soon). We hear about food prices. We hear about a 'slowdown' which is actually a 'recession.' We hear about the Fed lowering rates, although it doesn't seem to have anything to do with our bottom line.
Do we need to hear the depressing news every day, every hour. The talking heads on TV seem to be happy to tell us it's horrible out there and we aren't going to survive.
Some nuts probably are starting to build bunkers in the back of their houses. Hey, it worked during the Cold War, why not during the Money War?
So, here it is, the economy stinks right now and we need to tighten our belts a little more. We'll all survive in the end. That's it on the economy.
Instead, think about this:
What sound does a grape make when an elephant steps on it?
None. It just lets out a little wine.
Or this:

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