Friday, April 25, 2008



So, just to prove you can never be too old to learn something new, I found out last night that crocodile's can smile.
That's right. Those lizard-like animals who reside mostly in Florida, although there are a couple at the Philadelphia Zoo, can actually smile through those big teeth.
Now, most people aren't going to get close enough to a crocodile to find out if he's smiling or not. In fact, for the most part, if you do get close enough, the croc will be smiling as he eats you.
Still, a group giving a presentation last night, which was quite entertaining to say the least, have seen a crocodile smile.
Anyway, this group was riding in a boat somewhere (sorry, it was too engrossing to remember every little detail) when they happened upon some interesting goings on.
Apparently, there was some music, some dancing and a crocodile smile.
Almost makes you want to get in that boat and find the place. Sounds like a nice place to visit.
Just bring some crocodile snacks.
Meanwhile, there's this:

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