Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Hey, it appears the Pope has reached the airport in Italy, so say the talking heads this morning. Why that's news, I don't know.
Still, it appears the Pope is coming to America. While it probably won't be the same as when Eddie Murphy Came to America many seem to be excited.
So, having no doubt the Pope will check Rise and Shine when he lands in Washington and gets ready to meet President Bush, here's a shout out:
Nonli incolpi di. Non abbiamo votato per lui.

Anyway, it appears to be getting nice out there. There's nothing better than when the weather turns nice and you can get outside. Sure, throwing the ball around with the children is fun and heading out to the playground is fun, but it can also be fun to get the yard ready after the winter.
All those extra tree branches can be picked up. Dig out the weeds, cut the grass, maybe plant a few flowers and vegetables.
Now, if I can only find somebody to do all those things so I can throw the ball around and go to the playground.

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