Monday, January 25, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Amazing

Good Morning and welcome to a whole new week!

Despite the complaints of three children, I was able to switch away from Cartoon Network Friday night to catch some of the Hope For Haiti telethon.
While the music was good, if not a bit melancholy, it was the stories being told between the performances that was moving.
Whenever there is a great tragedy, there are stories of survival that seem unbelievable. The only thing is, the survivor is sitting there telling the story.
One they showed Friday night was the rescue of a girl who had been trapped under a building for more than a week. Since, everything is on video these days, this is pretty powerful.
There were stories about people with nothing. People pulling others out of rubble with their bare hands.
There was a story this morning about a man who was able to survive thanks to a app on his iPhone. He was able to find out ways to stop bleeding and keep his head together.
There are plenty of cynical people out there who figure 'it's not America, why do we care?'
Well, we're all connected. We should all care. If you aren't moved by these stories, check your pulse.

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