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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Oh, shoot

Good Morning and welcome back to the cold shoulder!

It's interesting the way society has changed. Back in the day, it was't odd for children to dress up like cowboys and have 'shoot outs' in the street with cap guns. Then came B.B. guns, then came air guns. Now we have marshmellow shooters, water cannons and the like.
The unfortunate part of this business, is it desensitizes us (to an extent) to the real damage of firearms.
When I was in high school (again back in the day), a social studies teacher used to always say the biggest threat to our country from an outside force wouldn't be from Russia or China. There were enough people in those countries who know the horrors of war and killings. No, he said, a threat would always come from those who never knew war, but saw it glamorized on the movie (or television) screen.
It's the same with this. Those who carry a gun feel powerful. They see themselves as some kind of modern day gangster. 'Everybody get out of my way.'
Now, you want to brandish a gun, I guess it's your right. Anytime there is an attempt to regulate gun purchases or gun ownership, a group rises up to yell it down.
Sometimes, though, there's nothing wrong with the alternative.

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Anonymous Dannytheman said...

Good Morning Vince,
It's obvious that you do not want to debate your position. I am happy to say I was happy to serve in the military, and carry my rifle and sidearm, to defend your first amendment right to write what you do.

Maybe you can pick on another God given right tomorrow?

January 7, 2010 at 7:23 AM 

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