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Monday, January 4, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Back to the grind

Good Morning and welcome to the worst day of the year!

OK now, the holidays are done. The parties are over. The trees are coming down. The lights are going back into the box.
What do we have to look forward to except the cold, dark winter? That's what makes this Monday the worst day of the year.
It's back to work and to school full force. One day, you're running around with a jolly step, the next, bang, right back to the reality of the usual grind.
Then again, there is enough to be thankful for, so maybe the cold won't feel so bitter. Maybe the dark will have a bit of light.
Hey, yeah. Let's just continue the fun. Don't get bogged down in the mundane of every day.
Then again, that wind is pretty bad again out there this morning.

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