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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rise and Shine --- 'Roid Rage

Good Morning and welcome to a steroid-free zone!

OK, most of us aren't trying to make millions of dollors playing professional sports, so we don't really know if we would touch steroids to help get that next record or next big contract.
To say you absolutely wouldn't, well, don't fool yourself too much.
Anyway, when former Home Run King Mark McGwire finally came clean about his steroid use Monday, it was greeted in this corner of the world by a big, 'So what?'
Everybody knew McGwire, like Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds and every other slugger of the era, was using steroids. The size of the arms didn't come naturally. There was no way around it.
McGwire went from looking like Shane Victorino to Hulk Hogan virtually overnight. It was obvious he was getting help.
Then again, nobody cared when he was hitting the ball a mile. Nobody cared when he and Sosa were going back-and-forth for the home run record in 1998. Nobody cared if his career was over a few years later when steriods broke down his muscles.
It was fun to watch at the time despite the 'wink, wink, special vitamins' they were using.
You have to remember how the 1990s went for baseball. The Phillies stunk, there was a nasty strike that wiped out the World Series and the games were boring.
McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Brady Anderson, Rafael Palmerio and the like at least made the games fun to watch. Baseball sold it and we bought it.
Sure, looking back now it was probably no more than pro wrestling in uniforms, but, hey, at least they didn't use metal chairs on each other.

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