Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Fun in the sun

Good Morning and welcome to an icy window kind of day!

You know, with the cold air and the early sunsets during the winter, there tends to be a case of melancholy. The air is too cold to breath in deeply. The heat turns on way too often. The cabin fever sets in quickly.
Then, out of nowhere, we get a break like this past weekend.
After a slow rise Saturday, the sun shining down made it a perfect day to get outside.
So, we threw the ball around. Played some tag and then pulled out the bikes. Now, nothing says warm weather like bike riding. Sure, you can do it in the cold, but when it's just warm enough to not have layers and layers of clothes on, well, it just goes a little smoother.
Then came the glory of a day yesterday. With everybody off from school, the cries to visit a playground started before breakfast. After another quick bike ride (well, as quick as it can be with a 5 and 7-year old), the decision was made.
Let the fun begin. Hey, you know it's been a long winter if Mom and Dad are climbing to the top and going down the twisty slide (they would pay for it later, but so what?).
Now, if we can only get another week of this...

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Dannytheman said...

Now this is a great Rise and Shine blog. I am still smiling!!
You are a good Dad!!