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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Gadgets

Good Morning and welcome to a new world!

Well, OK, it's the same old world where hate-mongers throw out misinformation about health care and expect the masses to pick up torches.
Talk about partisan politics. How about offering some solutions when trying to rebuff the president's speach? Nah, we'll just throw out unsubstantiated opinions and see what sticks.
Anyway, the bigger news yesterday seemed to be the new iPad from Apple. It really doesn't appear to be the 'kill-all' that everybody predicted, but, seeing what Apple has done to the cell phone, the next generatiion of iPad will do everything.
Think about the perfect strategy of this company. Create a demand, upgrade the hardware, leave everybody else in the dust.
Pretty soon, the iPad will be everything from an e-reader to a phone. It might even cook your dinner. What's been proven in the past decade is you can't count Steve Jobs out. Now, if the rest of the business world would follow this model.

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