Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Bubble Trouble

Good Morning and welcome to the only place in the world where trucks get stuck under bridges every day!

You know, the request comes every night at about 7, 'Can we take a bubble bath? Can we take a bubble bath? Can we take a bubble bath?'
Most nights, the answer is, 'Well, how about just a quick wash.'
Not that there's anything wrong with a bubble bath. After all, no matter how old (or young), who doesn't like a bubble bath? Really, there's something relaxing and a bit fun about the whole deal.
Bubble baths for a 5-year old, though, is almost better than spending the whole day at a playground. Sure, she gets clean, but so does the whole bathroom.
The bubbles always end up being thrown around the room, get into the hallway and, somehow, even in the kitchen (OK, not really, but it feels that way).
The pure joy of seeing the bubbles grow as the water pours into the tub is something to see. The smile stretches wider than when those chocolate chip cookies come out of the oven.
So, those nights when the bubble bath comes, the reckless abandon begins. Plop into the tub and the laughter starts. Anybody who walks into the room is subject to a bubble attack. Hey, at least the floor is getting clean.
It doesn't matter how cold the water gets, if there's one bubble left, it's too early to get out.
Finally, like two hours later (not really), the bath is done. Sure, she looks like a grape and the shivers start, but the question still comes quickly, 'Can we do that again tomorrow?'
We'll see. We'll see.

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