Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Not another one...

Good Morning and welcome to a Wednesday in a long line of Wednesdays!

Don't know if you've noticed or not, but we here at have jumped into video. A few weeks ago, corporate decided we needed to add more video clips to our Web Site. They sent down four Flip video cameras and told us to get with it. (Acutual conversation: 'We are giving you four cameras to add video to your site. Reporters can shoot the video and you can edit it. You know how to edit video, right.' Uh, no not really. 'That's OK, it's not too hard.')
So, there was a learning curve, some backlash, some complaining and even more complaining (hey, it's a newsroom, the only time there's no complaining is around 4 a.m.).
Somehow, probably because most of us know we have to adapt the way we do things to survive. You want video, sure here's video.
Whatever, you have to adapt or die in this 24/7 newsgathering world.
Baby steps? Yeah, of course. We are nothing but slow changers.
So, the editing process isn't so hard. The cameras are easy to use.
Now, when do those Academy Award nominations come out?

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