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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Building a Car

Good Morning and welcome to Friday!

I don't remember exactly how they all came together. All I remember is every year during Cub Scouts I had a pinewood derby car. One car was basically a block of wood with a King Kong figure glued to the top.
I don't remember winning any races. I don't remember much about the cars (with the exception of the King Kong). I do remember having fun, though. Well, as much fun as a pre-teen can have while losing every race.
This is the fourth year I've helped build a car with a boy that age. The first year, we didn't get through the first round. The second year, we actually won the first race before bowing out in the second round. Last year, well, let's forget about it.
Each car was built by Liam (with the exception of using the power saw to cut the wood). He designed it. He painted it. He put the wheels on. He got upset when it didn't take first (although we have three trophies for the most colorful car).
This year, he wanted a car that was shaped like a carrot. Well, not having the right tools (or any tools really), we set out to shape the square piece of wood into a circle.
Long story short, he now has something that looks like a carrot if it was run over by a monster truck.
He adapted. Painted it with every color in the rainbow. Glued on a driver. It might not be a carrot, but it looks like a race car.
Now, it's pretty obvious every year which parents are more 'involved' in the building of the cars. Some look like something that came right out a Detroit line. Others, look like perfect toys. They are perfectly balanced. They are perfectly painted. They are impressive.
Liam probably won't win the championship this year. Still, though, he will always know it was his hands that did everything.
That's just as impressive.

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