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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Gone Crazy

Good Morning and welcome to another Wednesday!

Ever notice how some things just happen.
For months now, a 10-year old boy I know has been asking to for a cell phone.
When asked why he needs one, the answer was always the same: 'Everybody else in my class has one' or 'Because.'
Obviously, those aren't the right answers. So, since he rarely has to walk home from school, isn't left at home alone nor does he stay late after school, there was no real need to 'add a line.'
This week, though, maybe because the stars were alligned in such a way or the moon was sending radiation, but he ended up with a cell phone.
How? It's still a blur, but we needed to replace a broken one. Since the actual upgrade date was a couple of months away, the only way to get a new phone (without paying full price) was to add another line to the plan.
Somehow, with the new phone and another line, the bill doesn't go up very much, so that's a plus.
Meanwhile, the 10-year old's line is just a phone. No fancy gadgets. No Internet access.
All I have to say is he better ace that spelling test this week.

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