Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rise and Shine ---- What's that argument for guns?

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So, a story broke over the weekend that two players on the NBA's Washington Wizards pulled guns on each other in the lockerroom following an argument over a gambling debt.
Last year, New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was arrested after he shot himself in the leg at a nightclub. He's in jail right now, his career pretty much over.
A Philadelphia cop was fired after shooting what he thought was an armed suspect.
Robberies involving guns keep going up. Shootings appear to happen daily around here.
Still, if you check out some of the comments on delcotimes.com or you listen to the hate radio, people (at least those with big mouths) seem to want more people to have guns. What was that old joke about guns and feelings of inadequacy? Can't remember it.
Anyway, I don't see the need for more guns in our society. If anything, we should be talking guns away from everybody except for law enforcement.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the gun nuts will go on about how guns don't kill people. But, if there were less guns on the street, less people would get killed.
Here's an idea, take them all away, melt them down and use the metal to create some art.


Tom said...

Sure Vince, then we'll hang a sign in your yard that says "THIS IS GUN FREE HOUSEHOLD" and see how safe you feel. When you forcefully "take" all the guns off the street, you will only be taking the guns of the law abiding citizen.

The criminal will still have his and will now be an even greater threat to you because he will have no fear that you may have armed yourself for defense. If you really want to fight gun crime, turn in a criminal.

Vince Carey said...

The argument 'if you ban guns only the criminals will have guns' doesn't hold water. Give a legitimate example of something good that's come out of somebody brandishing a firearm.

Dannytheman said...

Morning Vince,

Inalienable RIGHT!! I think that is how it is stated. The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to protect ourselves. It is one of the founding fathers God given rights.

Let's take brandishing out of it. PA does not have a brandishing law.

I can list thousands of times a gun has been used to stop crime. Sometimes the good guy has to shoot, many more he does not. Is it wrong to protect yourself as a law abiding citizen?

Some of what you said it dead wrong. There are currently more guns then ever in the US, and according to the FBI, crime is down substantially. Late 2008 and rest of 2009 people were buying guns at a record pace, yet crime, again according to FBI statistics are down.
When did the crime rate start going down? When the laws were corrected to allow law abiding people to carry firearms. Look at any chart you have to compare the dates. As more States give their law abiding citizens their rights back, crime goes down.
Now where do a lot of the crimes occur? Virginia Tech, Amish School House, Fort Hood and Columbine? But wait, these are all gun free zones, so no one should have them there, right?

There are 20,000 gun laws on the books, my suggestion would be to ask judges to follow a few and put the bad guys away for longer with no early release.
I could go on, but you have probably turned me off already!
What proof can I offer? People, like the man in Ridley, defending himself from a home invasion?

Pro Christ Pro Gun said...

Hey Vince:

While you are at it we should not allow law enforcement to have guns either. It isn't like we can even rely upon the cops to protect us as we have no rights to police protection. Since we don't have a right to police protection, whose job is it to protect us from the assaults and murderous rampages that are perpetrated by low life criminals who will not turn in their guns? Vince, in case you didn't know, it is our job as citizens to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Further, nothing like a gun to level the playing field when confronted by a dickhead who wants to harm me or my family.

Vince, I wish you well, but you are naive and dangerous. Group hugs with your elitist friends will not save your ass when you find yourself in jam (and neither will the cops). The constitutional right as written in the US and PA Constitutions must be protected.

C. Scott Shields, Esquire

Dannytheman said...


Just a coincidence that this was in a Washington paper.


And I was happy to see my favorite NRA lawyer jump in to help me here!
Hello C. Scott!!