Monday, April 5, 2010

Rise and Shine -- Back into the fray

Good Morning and welcome to the start of a nice week!

Well, at least weather wise it's supposed to be nice. After spending a week away on vacation, it's tough to get back into the work mood.
Of course, it's not like you can slowly jump back into the void.
There's always something going on around here, but besides the start of a new Phillies season, we have Tiger Woods and Donovan McNabb to take our focus away.
So, for all those Eagles fans out there who wanted a change, well, you got it. McNabb was only the best quarterback the franchise has ever seen. He won more games and took the franchise to heights it never was before.
It really is amazing how Philadelphia fans like to get rid of some of the better players who come through. They've run out Charles Barkley, Scott Rolen, Curt Schilling, Allen Iverson, just to name a few. Heck, I can remember back when fans wanted Mike Schmidt out of town.
Oh, to be back on the island and listening to the water.

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