Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Politics

Good Morning and welcome back!

You know, the political game is funny, annoying and scary all at once.
I always wonder why political candidates (or their staff most likely) think it's a good thing to cut down an opponent.
Just look at Sen. Arlen Specter's latest commercial attacking U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak's military record.
Going negative in a campaign just makes you look desperate. Look, Specter is probably going to beat Sestak in the primary. The polls show that. Why he needs to throw out negative things against Sestak is beyond belief.
Now the scary part, Arizona is trying to pass a law where authorities can stop anybody on the street and force them to show proof they are a U.S. Citizen.
This is being pushed by a Republican-led state government, which, like the rest of the GOP, stood out against health-care reform because 'there was too much government involvement.'
Now, there are going to be secret police set up to 'catch' illegal immigrants.
What if you are a citizen, just forgot to bring your wallet that day and have to go through the possible process of deportation.
See, there's no long-range view of any of this stuff. Maybe all these politicians should fade into the background.


Anonymous said...

Arizona already passed the law. The governor signed it.

If you go to Europe, do you need to carry your passport everywhere you go? So what's the difference here?
Are you upset because a state believes it has power to govern itself, especially when the federal government fails it?
Naive liberals... sheesh...

Vince Carey said...

On the one hand, you want less government control when it comes to healthcare. On the other hand, you want more government control when it comes to detaining people just because they look a certain way.
Thankfully, we don't have three hands.