Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Lunch

Good Morning and welcome to another beautiful day!

I remember going to school (OK, the memories are sketchy at best, but I know I attended because I have plenty of photos).
Once a month during elementary school we were treated with a hot dog day. Everybody left the lunch boxes at home and were able to get a couple of hot dogs for some small amount. It was fun. There was ketchup on the table and then we went outside and ran around.
Over the years, the school lunch has grown to include everything, much of which isn't the healthiest thing around (not like hot dogs were, but that was just once a month).
Back when parents packed lunches every day, we got a peanut butter sandwich, maybe some chips and an apple.
Now, children are given pizza, candy, whatever. It's all mass-cooked (mostly off-site) and filled with nothing but white flour and hollow calories.
A group today is even saying school lunches are a threat to national security Apparently they believe today's school lunches are making children obese and not able to handle military training.
While I don't really care if they can handle military training or not, there is a major problem here. I still make the children take a home-packed lunch every day. They get fruit, nuts, pretzels and either a sandwich or maybe some hummus.
I know, that makes me a communist, but so be it. I've been called worse (plenty worse).
Parents need to take back the school lunch. We have no say, really, on what tests the teachers are pushing onto the students, but we do have control on lunch.
At least I think we do.

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