Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rise and Shine --- What's that ... Ouch!

Good Morning and welcome to the chill!

So, out of California this morning (well, doesn't everything come out of California?) comes the story of a county trying to ban those crappy little toys McDonald's puts in their Happy Meals.
Here's the story, if interested.
The stated reason for banning those pieces plastic is because it encourages children to eat Happy Meals (or, as your heart likes to say, Unhappy Meals), which is a leading cause of childhood obesity. I have a theory, based in no other fact than the voice in my head, that those 'Apple Fries' McDonalds and other fast-food places (can't call them restaurants) try to pass off as a healthy alternative are never really eaten and parents are forced to buy an extra french fry.
Yes, yes, yes, stop giving your children Happy Meals. Stop going to McDonald's. It's only going to chop off years from your life anyway.
Still, a better argument for getting rid of those 'toys' isn't to slow the flow of childhood obesity, it's to help keep parents from limping around.
Those toys inevitably end up on the floor. Who hasn't tried to walk through a room only to step on the latest SpongeBob incarnation?
Then they dig into the bottom of feet like nails. There's yelling. There might be blood. Podiatrists are happy.
The toys are just as quickly thrown into the trash, so let's just eliminate the middle man (or foot) and trash them now.

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