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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Driving

Good Morning and welcome to another fascinating day!

You know, I always joke with the children that they won't be getting a driver's license until they turn 21. Beyond the ramifications of teen drivers (on the wallet and the head), maybe I don't want them to grow up too fast. Maybe I see some of the ways they drive in video games (OK, I know, not the same thing), that shakes my confidence.
Then I ran across this story yesterday:
An Ohio man says his 8-year-old son was just trying to do him a favor and get gasoline when the boy drove the family's minivan and crashed it.
James Crouch says he didn't even realize his son, Jordan, was out of the house Friday morning until a Clermont County sheriff's deputy came to the family's home in Bethel and woke him up to let him know what happened.
The boy says he used keys that he found in his mother's purse and backed the car out of the driveway. He started going down the road at about 5 mph but could barely reach the pedals and lost control, crashing into a telephone pole. He wasn't hurt.
Crouch says Jordan was still in his pajamas and just wanted to do something nice. He says he's going to watch his son more closely now.

How this hasn't happened in our house yet is pretty much a miracle. The keys are there for all to see. There have even been jokes bandied about. 'Hey, go to the store and get me a pizza.' But I can't drive. 'There are the keys.'
Yeah, like somebody much smarter than me always says, 'Your jokes are not funny.'
Well, it is a funny story as long as it doesn't happen in your house.

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