Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rise and Shine --- To pray or not to pray

Good Morning and welcome to a new day!

First of all, let's get this out in the open. I grew up Roman Catholic. I went to Catholic school through eighth grade. I was an alter boy. I went to church every Sunday until I reached college (the reason for that is another story).
I believed what was taught. I believed in the laws the Vatican handed down. I believed priests, nuns, bishops, etc. were somehow closer to God. They were touched by the divine.
It isn't until you take the time to really look at what was going on when you can make an informed decision. The past couple of weeks the Vatican in general and the Pope in particular has come under fire for not taking a (correct) stand when it came to priests abusing children.
Those who took advantage of children should have been put out in front, prosecuted like any other person and sent away.
Instead, the Church took those offenders and moved them around from parish to parish, somehow thinking it would all change with every move.
Lawsuit after lawsuit later, it became apparent the moves did nothing more than change where the abuse was happening.
Now, much too late, the Vatican is saying these priests should be prosecuted, should be sent away. Well, talk about too little too late.
Unless the Vatican is ready to take a hardline stand for what's right, they are giving nothing else but lip service. As long as these people are protected, they will continue to abuse.
It's time for somebody to come in and make a clean sweep of everything. Until then, the Church is like any other business that gives 'corporate answers' to every question.
Then, and only then, can the rest of the problems be addressed.
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