Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Hokey Pokey

Good Morning and welcome to another sunny day!

You know, really, we are all doing a living version of the old song.
You put your right foot in (to work), you take your right foot out (head home), you put your right foot in (step into home) and you shake it all about (what's going on here?).
When you hear a 5-year old girl singing it in the shower (and laughing all the way), though, it's just sweet.
Usually, little girls (and boys) like to take baths at night. They like the bubbles. They like to splash around. Sometimes, though, it's just quicker to put on the shower and get everybody clean.
So, the other day, the shower went on and the song started right away. Laughing, having fun, singing like it was The Met.
Sometimes, you don't need the radio to make the heart smile or to feel young at heart.

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