Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rise and Shine --- The rain in Spain

Good Morning and welcome to a Thursday in a long line of Thursdays!

So, a volcano erupts in Iceland and there is so much ash in the sky flights across Europe are forced to cancel.
Now, go on and tell me again there is no weird environmental changes going on.
Earthquakes, monster winter storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, people, the Earth is telling us something. If we don't listen, we may be going the way of the dinosaurs.
Sure, volcanoes erupt all the time, but when there is enough middle earth spilling into the skies that you can't even get on an airplane, there's something going on. I might not be smart enough to know all the science behind this, but I can see.
For those who think this is all blither/blather, well, look around. All you had to do was feel the 80 degree weather last week or, going further back, remember the back pain after shoveling 30 inches of snow.
Whatever the politics, we have to change the way we do things. Sorry if you don't believe that, but the more who listen, the better chance we have.
Then again, there are still those who believe the President is an illegal alien, so there.

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