Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Bags and money

Good Morning and welcome back to Thursday!

For the past couple of years, my mom has like the idea of Spirit Airlines and their $9 fares. 'You can't beat that deal,' she likes to say.
Well, yesterday, Spirit Airlines finally figured out a way to break the deal. They are now charging up to $45 for carry-on luggage.
It was one thing when airlines started charging for checked luggage. OK, they needed to make up some cash, that's the way of the world.
Now, that one airline is going to charge for carry-ons, well, that's one slippery slope we don't need to start down.
Like most things in the business world, once one company tries it (furloughs anybody?) the rest quickly jump on board. They let the original company take the heat, then say, 'Well, we had to do it.'
It's just another way to squeeze every last penny out of our pockets.
Yeah, that's good for the bottom line, but it makes travelers think twice.
Look, vacations cost enough money. Add another $100 bucks on the front and back ends, well, that sounds like a deal breaker.
At least it does to me.

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leannain said...

As a flier I am totally in favor of this move. Ever since most majors added the checked luggage fees fliers who pay the fee have had to stand in line with people with two 20" rolling bags as their "carry-on" items.

Its beyond irritating to try to put your laptop or jacket in the overhead only to find it filled by the luggage of that guy 12 rows ahead who was too cheap to fork out the $20 to check his luggage.

when I fly Southwest, two bags free, I find that planing and deplaning is smooth as silk because most luggage is checked.

I hope US Air, United and American follow suit