Monday, April 26, 2010

Rise and Shine --- The password

Good Morning and welcome to the start of a rainy week!

Of course, the dark clouds will clear out, that's the beauty of it all.
Speaking of the Dark Side, anybody who has ventured into the world of the iPhone knows how addictive the gadget can be.
There are millions of aps to download, millions of games to check out. Oh yeah, you can actually make calls and check e-mail as well. It's becoming so you might not even need anything else (well, OK, maybe an iPad, but that's for another time).
The amazing part for me, though, is how easy children are able to pick things up.
We've had an iPhone since October and a day doesn't go by before the request comes in: 'Can I play on the phone?'
Once in awhile is OK, but, hey, we do need the phones for something besides games. Something like, I don't know, making phone calls.
Well, during a longer drive last week, I handed over the phone so a 7-year old and a 5-year old would at least calm down a little bit. So, after a little while of playing games, a new request came forward: 'Dad, what's a password?'
Uh, Oh.
Now, they've figured out how to get to the download page. Now, it's 'Can we get this game?' or 'Can we try this one?'
No, no and no password hints here.
Now, if they only put so much effort into schoolwork...

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